Employment, Community, And Well-Being

Employment, Community, And Well-Being

Having a place to go where you feel that you belong is an important part of a healthy life. For individuals with special needs, this can be especially helpful for a number of reasons, but it is also unfortunately harder for them to attain in our current society. With additional barriers in their way, those with developmental and intellectual disabilities can be forced to stay at home either with a caregiver or alone.

At Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, we are here to be that important place for individuals with special needs. Our employment ministry is a positive environment to help them grow and thrive, providing a true sense of belonging. We understand that finding a career for those with special needs can be a difficult task, primarily due to social stigma. By creating a place where they can find social connections and personal growth, we empower these individuals to gain dignity and independence!

Employment Helps Us Be An Active Participant In Life

When we wake up in the morning, having a place to go where we feel we belong is an important part of a healthy life. A career is about more than just a paycheck, it is about having a common goal with community, and Redemption Ranch understands this. All of us learn and grow each day at our jobs, giving us the opportunity to be an active participant in our lives, rather than just a bystander.

For individuals who have special needs, employment can be especially helpful. A positive place to work can give them purpose and independence in a dignified manner. Unfortunately, traditional workplaces are sometimes difficult for these people, and employers may not even give them the chance to begin with. Finding and keeping a job for someone with special needs is a challenge, and our society needs to step up to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in their daily life.

We’re More Than A Job, We’re A Community

It is also important to provide an environment that is inclusive and engaging, and Redemption Ranch focuses on developing a community. Through the production of our kindling, using repurposed wood, individuals with special needs are able to work together for a cause that is greater than themselves.

This helps them to develop new skills in a variety of ways, ranging from physical development to intellectual stimulation. All while creating useful and fun items for their community to enjoy!

Learn More About Redemption Ranch

If you’d like to know more about our employment ministry, talk to our team today. Give us a call at Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, at (903)244-1397, or head to our shop and take a look at our awesome items, all made by the special needs community!