About Redemption Ranch

Paving The Way For Adults With Disabilities

Redemption Ranch LLC of Texarkana, TX runs day programs for disabled adults to give them the chance to work, interact with customers and become more confident. We believe that providing jobs for adults with disabilities is the first step to helping them gain independence. That’s why we employ adults with disabilities to help us repurpose wood into kindling.

The kindling we sell is perfect for campfires because it ignites quickly. If you love spending quality time with family and friends around a roaring fire, purchase kindling from us. Additionally, we supply the kindling to non-profits for fundraising.

More Than Kindling

At Redemption Ranch, we deeply believe in the importance of helping those with special needs thrive. It is not only a passion for us, but it is our calling. Providing adults with disabilities the skills and experience to gain independence and confidence is paramount, and we are proud to have dedicated our lives to it. By running day programs for adults with disabilities, we’re building up the entire community of Texarkana, TX. We only hire people with special needs so they can make a living and have the same opportunities as their peers. Every time you purchase kindling from us, you are helping provide employment opportunities for those who need them most.