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Campfire Kindling Goes a Long Way in Texarkana, TX

Our organization sells kindling to supports individuals with disabilities

Tired of waiting around for firewood to ignite? Come to Redemption Ranch LLC in Texarkana, TX for bone-dry kindling. Throw it on your campfire, and you'll have a roaring blaze within minutes. When you buy kindling from our organization, you'll be supporting a good cause.

We support a local non-profit ranch that offers several programs for children with disabilities. Some of these programs include engaging and therapeutic activities.

Visit us today to pick up some kiln-dried wood for your campfire.

The Bag That Gives Back

It's more than just kindling

Our organization helps fund the programs by supplying the kindling to non profits for fundraising like Runnin WJ Ranch, a non-profit ranch in Texarkana, TX. Our sister ranch helps children with disabilities by offering:

Opportunities to socialize

Therapeutic horseback riding sessions

Activities that promote cognitive and behavioral development

By employing adults with disabilities, we can help them gain independence and boost their confidence and self-esteem. With your help, we can continue to blaze a trail for individuals with disabilities. Buy kindling from us to support this cause.

Campfires foster a sense of community

Sitting around a campfire is a good way to catch up with family members and make new friends. We sell the kindling you need to start a fire fast. As a result, you and your loved ones can spend more time telling stories and enjoying each other's company.

Our kindling is environmentally friendly. We promise to sell it to you bone-dry so you can use it right away. Gather together with your loved ones over a roaring campfire tonight.

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