Employment Brings Dignity And Independence

Employment Brings Dignity And Independence

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For individuals with special needs, employment is about more than just earning a living. It is about having a way to contribute to the community, and having a comfortable and engaging place to grow can help them to find new independence. Developing new skills can help them to bolster their self-esteem, and our ranch understands the value in working together to help uplift us all at the same time.

At Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, our employment ministry works to provide a great place for individuals with special needs. We make awesome connections while creating some amazing things out of repurposed wood. We started with bundles of kindling, but now we craft all sorts of things for your backyard and your front porch, from rustic sign kits to stacking brick tower game sets. And if you have a small animal, we even make shavings for their cage or enclosure. Check out our shop and see what we have in stock!

Employment Brings Self-Sufficiency And Independence

One of the best things about having a stable job that you enjoy is that it helps you to support yourself. For those with special needs, this can be an incredibly helpful thing, as they might spend most of their time dependent on others for support. By providing them with an opportunity to have a say in their actions, they can learn how to expand their capabilities in a controlled environment.

This newfound independence can help individuals with special needs to find that inner strength that many of them were unaware that they even had. Our ranch works to provide a space for positive growth, and we love to have an environment that is conducive to both independence and fun.

Developing Skills Can Boost Self-Esteem

Working together on a project is fun for us all, and it helps us in a number of ways. This concept brings together social interaction with skill development, and for those with special needs, this can be a great combination. Problem-solving is something that can be both fun and challenging, and we love to see people working together to achieve a goal that is greater than an individual.

Helpful employment also helps to foster dignity and sense of purpose. For some people who have special needs, without our help, they might find themselves alone throughout the day or alongside a caretaker. We understand that they are capable of more, and we want to help them to feel excited about waking up for the day.

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Our employment ministry works to create a fun, yet engaging, place for individuals with special needs. To find out more about us, give us a call at  Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, at (903)244-1397!