Can Employment Provide Positive Growth?

Can Employment Provide Positive Growth?

If you’re in East Texas, you may be familiar with many things unique to our area. We love to lean into Texan concepts of dignity and community, all while producing quality kindling! Redemption Ranch utilizes the concept of personal self-worth through employment.

Here in Texarkana, we respect our community, and so today our team at Redemption Ranch writes on how our kindling is designed to foster inclusiveness! Our goal is to help those with special needs flourish, through responsible activity and independent goals.

Independent Growth

Our aim here is to foster a community with work-based life interactions. Through the process of crafting high-quality kindling for campfires, our team interacts with customers to improve confidence and comfort. By the actual creation of this, leadership roles emerge, in ways that might surprise you!

Employment plays a significant role in the growth of any individual, probably more than we would like to admit. We spend hours each day engaging with others, playing roles and completing tasks. By bringing people who previously may not feel comfortable in a traditional career-focused situation, we foster the individual’s path to independence.

Affirming Social Structure

This is also a fantastic way to spur self-confidence in a way that maintains their dignity. It is easier to start your day when you have the benefits of employment. The daily goals and accomplishments of this activity can be incredibly beneficial in finding a center of self. These can be scaled back or forward depending upon progress in such a way that can be soothing, as well.

The social aspect of daily employment can also be highly beneficial. By sharing bonds with fellow kindling makers, a full spectrum of friendships can occur. To approach solutions together fosters communal growth in addition. This is organic growth that can neither be forced or downplayed. We tend to miss how important our interpersonal communication is on a daily basis. With screens being more present than ever before, this interaction is helpful for us all!

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If you have questions about Redemption Ranch, give us a call at (903)244-1397. We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re seeking employment or you wish to purchase some of our kindling! Our team also proudly works with non-profits in fundraising sales.