Kindling Bag Subscription

Kindling Bag Subscription

$120.00 / month

Our Monthly Kindling Subscription is perfect for property/rental owners. Each month you’ll receive 30 2-lb bags of our kiln-dried wood kindling.

Your order will consist of two separate deliveries on the 1st and 15th of each month. Your subscription will be billed on the same day each month.



  • Place the entire bag in the fire pit, add firewood, and ignite the bag’s corner for an instant fire
  • Made with very special hands
  • 15x 2lb bags delivered twice a month for a total of 30 bags
  • Kiln-dried wood for your campfire
  • Burns easily and is eco-friendly
  • Roaring campfire within minutes
  • 100% Recycled wood
  • 100% Kiln dried wood
  • 100% of all profits goes to hire more special needs adults.

Our Organization Sells Kindling To Supports Individuals With Disabilities

When you buy kindling from our organization, you’ll be supporting a good cause.