Lighting Fires And Changing Lives

Lighting Fires And Changing Lives

Empowering adults with disabilities is the honor of our lifetimes, and we are proud to be a helping resource for our community. Our team creates kindling and other home items out of repurposed wood, giving you the opportunity to have a little fun while you help your neighbors.

At Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, we know that employment is about more than just a paycheck. It’s about dignity, and that is why we developed our ministry to help special needs individuals in our community. Not every company is set up for workers with disabilities, so even when they want to hire more special needs employees, it can be a struggle for everyone involved. Redemption Ranch is here to be a supportive and caring environment, and we tailor the experience of our workforce to better suit their needs.

Spark A Conversation While You Light Your Next Fire

Helping members of your community to find a sustainable and supportive employment is easier than ever. With an affordable purchase of high-quality kindling, you can make a real difference in the lives of special needs individuals in Texarkana.

Our kindling is made from re-purposed, kiln-dried wood. It’s eco-friendly and ready to light up your campfire or fireplace. So, if you have been searching for a better way to give back, talk to our team about enhancing your campfire this season with quality kindling. This way, the next time you go on a camping trip with your family or your scouting troop, you can stoke the fire of giving with a positive conversation about supporting people in your community.

Have Some Fun In The Backyard This Spring

Here are Redemption Ranch, we do not stop at quality kindling for your next campfire. We also produce awesome home decor and backyard games out of repurposed wood, and we always have something new in the works!

Check out our shop and be sure to keep an eye out for new products. We have addictive stacking tower brick game sets, gorgeous rustic sign kits, and more, all designed for you, and crafted by members of the Texarkana special needs community. With kindling and home decor from our team, you can keep the flame of giving alive!

Light Your Fire With Kindling From Redemption Ranch

Next time you light a fire, remember that it’s more than just kindling. It’s an opportunity to change lives. Support Redemption Ranch by purchasing our wood products, and together, we’ll keep the flames of hope burning bright. To find out more about our employment ministry, give us a call at Redemption Ranch in Texarkana, TX, at (903)244-1397!